Welcome to my Alice From Dallas Website!

You’re invited to browse around and call, text or email my team with any questions you have about buying or selling a home.

I don’t harass my visitors. I don’t have time for that and I don’t like it myself. Any information you decide to share with me goes no further. I never share personal info with ANYONE!

  • I’ve been a licensed REALTOR since 1984.
  • I go where the business is!
  • I first moved to the Austin area in 1997. (Yes, I really am from Dallas)
  • I am a full time real estate professional.
  • My partner, David Wheatley, is extremely knowedgeable.
  • Our office is located in the heart of Austin.
  • Anything about buying or selling a home can probably be found here.
  • My team comes into the picture to help you reach the home of your dreams!
My personal commitment to you extends far beyond a single point of sale. Over time, my goal is that our association will let me serve as your Coach and Business Partner for Life!

I ran across this video one day when I was searching on Google for my name. It’s an old song from 1939 from an old 78 record and the name of it is “Alice From Dallas” by Buddy Jones on the Slide Guitar. Thought you might get a chuckle. I know I did.